A Baroque Variety Hour: Rameau's 'Les Indes Galantes'


THE HIT SINGLE:  "The Storm"

In Act One, during a powerful storm, Emilie (soprano Elsa Benoit) watches as a ship founders at sea.  The stunned survivors come onshore amazed by their escape, but afraid they'll now be held captive by the pasha Osman.

THE B SIDE:  "Tender Love"

Act Three involves a confusing jumble of lovers.  Tacmas (tenor Cyril Auvity) dresses as a woman, while Fatima (soprano Anna Prohaska) disguises herself as a man, all in an attempt to discover who is truly in love with whom.  Eventually they both get the answers they were hoping for, and they're joined by Ali (baritone Tareq Nazmi) and Zaïre (soprano Ana Quintans) in an ardent quartet.