Piety, Passion and Madness, in 'I Puritani'


THE HIT SINGLE:  "Come into my arms"

In Act Three, Arturo and Elvira have a brief moment together.  Singing "Vieni, fra queste braccia," Arturo (tenor Javier Camarena) embraces her and explains his sudden disappearance, and Elvira (soprano Diana Damrau) joins him in an ecstatic duet.

THE B SIDE:  "Sound the Trumpet"

The duet "Suoni la tromba" sums up the feelings of Riccardo and Giorgio (baritone Ludovic Tézier and bass Nicolas Testé) toward the apparently treacherous Arturo.  It was first intended for the middle of Act Two but got so much praise in rehearsals that it was turned into the act's finale, to prevent the inevitable ovations from disturbing the opera's dramatic flow.